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Chakra Mala for balancing the solar plexus (Manipura)

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This Chakra Mala is handmade with crystal beads to balance the solar plexus chakra (Manipura). The beads are Tigers Eye, Citrine, Pyrite, Yellow Mookaite Jasper and Lemon Serpentine.

Your mala comes with a leaflet with descriptions of the crystal beads as well as a hessian bag to store it in.

A mala is a strand of beads (traditionally 108) used for keeping count during meditation.

Your mala can be used for meditation only, or worn as a necklace, or wrapped around your wrist several times.

Most importantly, it is a tool focusing your awareness and concentration during your spiritual practice, meditation, prayer or reflection. Also, if you wear your mala throughout the day, it serves as a constant reminder of your intentions.

With use, particularly if you have set it with your intention, the mala becomes infused with your personal energy. The more you meditate and use your mala, the stronger the bond will become between you and your beads.


Handmade from a range of crystal beads selected for specific properties and energy. The cord and tassle is cotton.


6mm or 8mm beads, 108 crystal beads per mala, individually knotted and handmade with love

Care information

Use during meditation or prayer, or wear around neck or wrist. If your mala gets wet, ensure it is thoroughly dry before wearing again.