Conscious Crafts

We don't own crystals, we are just their keepers, until they find you and you become their keeper.

Crystals, Palo Santo, White Sage, Energy Generators, Malas, Waxed Cord, Oracle Decks, Stickers, Crystal Grids and more



We have a huge range of authentic Crystals which are sourced from... 

Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo Sticks

Enjoyed by many for its energetic cleansing & healing properties. Astrong medicine... 

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About us

We are Marjo and Devangi, creators of Conscious Crafts, based in beautiful Golden Bay, top of the south island. You will find us in person at the Takaka Village Market (every Saturday in summer and monthly in winter). We select all our crystals and other products with care and consideration for the environment. Our handmade crafts include malas (prayer/meditation beads), orgonites and grids. We also provide materials for those who would like to create their own micro macrame jewellery. We do custom orders, and would like to help you find that special piece.

  • Chakra malas

    A range of malas created for each chakra (energy centre)

    Chakra Malas 
  • Custom Orgonites

    Orgonites designed for your personal needs

  • Oracle & Tarot

    We have a range of Oracle and Tarot decks available

  • Create a pendant

    Select your own crystal tumble stone, plus coloured cord and wire cage to create your own unique pendant